Konferenzdolmetschen & Fachübersetzungen

Specialist areas

Rem tene, verba sequentur (grasp the subject and the words will follow) is an important principle for interpreters. For me, this means not only making use of my specialist knowledge, but preparing intensively for every assignment. I also enjoy researching new areas.

Core areas

I do a lot of work for clients in the fields of engineering (particularly machine tools) and business/finance (press conferences on annual results, investment funds, etc.).

Other fields

In addition, I have experience in the following fields:

  •  Agriculture
  • Arts and social sciences (literature)
  • Asset management 
  • Automotive industry
  •  Banking
  •  Chemical industry
  •  European Works Councils
  •  Food industry
  •  Insurance
  •  Law (civil law, contract law, arbitration proceedings)
  •  Leather work
  •  Marketing
  •  Medicine (e.g. rehabilitation robotics, orthodontics)
  •  Migration and integration policy
  • Patents
  •  Pharmaceutical industry (e.g. manufacturing of medicinal products)
  • Politics
  •  Psychology
  •  Railway technology
  •  Renewables (especially solar energy)
  •  Sport
  •  Transport
  •  Winegrowing (e.g. wine production, wine tastings)